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You’re there, sitting on your chair, comfily and suddenly, you get this error.

Could not find this item

At start, you don’t mind about it and you click on “try again”. And oh! It works!

Okay, cool. But now you have this error every fucking time you want to create a folder, or rename it or delete it. Quite boring, isn’t it? Mostly that when you click on “try again”, it will work.

So you’ll go on Internet, find some answers like this one or maybe people will tell you to create a new profile but it’s not your answer.

So you go deeper in the internets and you’ll find mine. Maybe it’s the good one, maybe it’s not, but in my case, it worked.

This bug comes from two facts:

  • A certain windows update I installed (I don’t know which one)
  • I disabled the “Libraries” feature

The solution so?

Re-active the libraries (and re-disable them if you want). Here are the two .reg

Have a good day. :)