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I love Spotify. Yes I love it. I follow this application since the beginning and it’s probably the first app I wanted to pay every month to get a service. Though, I’m getting more dissapointed as the days go by. Yes I’m disappointed.

First of all, it began when I wanted to get the Android version. Well, the app isn’t bad, it’s even quite good but it’s so fucking slow. I don’t think a Galaxy Nexus isn’t enough to use it but yes it’s slow. Slow to display playlists, slow to start a song. Sometimes even the song playing is cut, with wireless on a fucking optical fiber connection. Lol. And the best part is that Spotify sometimes disables the possibility to wake the screen up. Yes, the music is still playing but I can’t wake the screen up. I have to wait like ~3min to see the screen awake.

But. It’s not the real point of this post. The point is the new version of Spotify on Windows and Mac OS X has some UX troubles.

1. The progress bar

The progress bar cannot be moved except on the progress bar itself. Yes my sentence seems to be silly but with the previous version, there was a certain tolerance. You were able to move the bar even if you clicked 20px below or above.

2. New playlist

On the previous version, I was able to click on a playlist, did cmd+n and it created a new playlist just above the one I selected. Was pretty cool because it put the playlist at the correct place. Now, when you do that, the playlist will be created on the top of all the playlists… and it’s really boring. Mostly when you have loooooots of playlists.

3. Bouncing!

Disagracious effect when you change the song. It “bounces” the “New Playlist” button (which shouldn’t be here by the way in my opinion). It’s annoying for the eyes.

4. Third-party apps

No more third-party apps. In fact I don’t mind but I just wanted to tell you it’s no more here. cf

5. You cannot go anymore to the right line when you click on the record cover

Previously, when you were in a playlist and you clicked on the record cover, spotify focused on the line of current song playing. Now, it’s not possible anymore. Which sucks.

For the moment, it’s all what I see but it feels to me like a regression. Sad.


All isn’t so bad though. The new bloody brilliant feature is you can connect to other devices and control it. For instance, I’m on my Mac and I want to control my Windows which has the speakers, now I can. It was already available on Android but now it seems to be every. Congrats for that. 👍