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GTA V PC - How to fix the BEX64 error

GTA V on PC is now out! but not without pain.

I was really excited when I saw I was able to preload the game. 64gb is huge but with an optical fiber, it was a piece of cake. So I started my computer this weekend and downloaded the game.

April, the 14th, as the game was out, I wanted to play to this promising game and oops, it didn’t work. For fuck’s sake, it doesn’t bloody work!

This is what I had:

Clear, right? Well not really.

So I saw the details and the error came from something like “BEX64”.

I won’t tell you everything I did to find the answer of this bug but the reason is: MacType.

I love MacType, really. It makes my fonts pleasant on Windows. But it can also crash some of them which don’t enjoy the switch of the font render engine.

Anyway. This is one of the solutions (I can’t say it works on every pc but it works for me) if you have some troubles to start GTAVLauncher.exe and you have a “BEX64” / “StackHash” troubles; disable MacType for GTAVLauncher.exe.

Follow the manoeuvre:

  • Start GTAVLauncher.exe (or GTA via Steam)
  • It will crash
  • Stay like that, do not close the crash window
  • Go to MacType folder and start MacWiz.exe
  • On the left-bottom corner, click on Process manager
  • Select GTAVLauncher.exe and right-click on it
  • Tick Exclude this process and Don't replace font for this process (I don’t know the difference between them but just tick on. :))
  • Close the GTA crash window
  • Start GTA
  • Enjoy 😊

By the way, you could also have a problem with your Windows username. See How to Fix Problems Installing or Playing GTAV PC On Windows User Accounts Containing Certain Characters

Have fun.